Great Zimbabwe is well worth visiting. It is a mysterious ancient ruin, home to the Monomotapa Kings for thousands of years before becoming the most advanced civilisation and stable nation of Africa.

One of four, two-way interdimensional portals of our Planet. The others being Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and the pyramid under the mountains of Tibet.


An independent African country, the size of Wales, with its own monarchy, culture and tradition. Swaziland has everything. Ancient rock, older than Ayers Rock in Australia. Mountains, rivers, wildlife parks, mud huts and luxury hotels. Mbabane, capital town in the north is only 5hrs drive from Johannesburg.

The Reed Dance

The most colourful and famous traditional ceremony is Umhlanga/Reed Dance which lasts a week and takes place toowards the end of August or early September. As its main objectives, it has the fostering of unity and understanding and serves to promote, especially among the youth, strong feelings of national loyalty. Several hundred Swazi maidens gather reeds to repair windbreaks around the residence of iNdlovukazi, the Queen Mother, and march with them to the Royal Residence.


Taxi from Johannesburg to Gaberone will connect with the Kalahari Desert town of Ghanzi which connects further to the Okavango Delta.
Ghanzi is also famous for its annual party held every April, for volunteers working in Southern Africa. It is hosted by the son of a San woman who married an English policeman who features in the books of Laurens van der Post.



Remote mountain kingdom, surrounded by Republic of South Africa – origins of ancient Lemurian Race. Conical shaped mountains give design for straw hat. Horses give overland transport. The main backpackers in Lesotho is linked to Durham University, England and provides eco–friendly accommodation in Maseru, the capital town.
Lesotho's remote and rugged countryside is spectacular in all its guises, and gives the visitor that primal thrill of discovering the unknown. The serenity of the landscapes also lures holiday makers who enjoy more gentle pursuits. There is, of course, wonderful fishing in the mountain streams, the terrain positively begs to be walked, or hiked, or ridden, no matter what the weather, and breath-taking landscapes in different combinations of mountains, skies, and water, challenge artists and photographers alike. The thin and cool air in Lesotho, which is deservingly classed as the highest country in the world, imparts a gentle hue to the colours of nature and is the reason why Lesotho's mountains famously have an almost transparent blue tone and ethereal feel.


South West Johannesburg by 6miles is the predominately black township of Soweto, created by the Apartheid Regime. home to the schoolchildren riots of 1976 when thousands were imprisoned, tortured and died. E.g. Hector Pieterson. Now has shopping malls and welcomes white tourists. Vilakazi Street, near Nelson Mandela's house provides a great selection of places to eat, drink and hang out with locals, but be sure to bring a local with you. Daphne Chipfupa, owner of "Lehaye-Ekhaya", a Sowetan herself, can organise personalised tours.